SEO for Landing Pages – 2022 Simple Guide

SEO for Landing Page Landing Page

On the one hand, the simple structure of the Landing Page (LP), makes it a clear and effective tool for attracting customers. On the other hand, it makes it very difficult for SEO-promotion.

Promoting the LP in search engines is a difficult task compared to the promotion of classic sites. To a large extent this is due to the structure of LP, or rather its absence.

However, landing pages – are an effective tool to attract traffic and further conversion (higher on average 2-5 times compared to classic sites) from such channels as:

  • Contextual advertising;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Retargeting;
  • and others.

But what can be done to increase such important traffic from search engines?

The home page (Landing Page) should be optimised for medium-frequency search queries. For high-frequency search queries, there is a lot of competition in Google, and the landing page will not be able to break into the top 10 for such queries, as it is seriously inferior to classic websites in terms of relevance.

What goes into optimizing a Page:

  • Writing a meta tag Title.
  • Writing a meta tag <Description>.
  • The presence of headings in the code <h1>, <h2> with entering keywords.
  • The occurrence of keywords in the content of the landing page. We will not give numerical values – do as much as necessary without losing the attractiveness of texts for users.

It is necessary to work on external optimization:

We recommend placing natural links on local external resources: general or thematic message boards and directories. Get links from affiliate sites or your other projects.

Additional actions:

Thus, if you take into account and implement all of these recommendations – your landing page will be in the top of search engines for a competitive query within 1-2 months.

How to promote a landing page for a large number of query groups

How do you increase traffic from search engines and promote a page not by one query (one group of queries), but by a large number of search queries? To do this you need to transform the structure of the landing pages, namely to create internal pages:

Example of query groups and keywords

* “buy a teddy bear” – a high-frequency search query with high competition. For such a query, the landing page will not be able to rise to the TOP10 Google.

Ways to transform the landing pages

1. For commercial keywords. Implement the structure of the landing page in the industrial scale (create Multilanding). Use a separate landing page for each group of requests. As shown in the picture above.

2. For informational keywords. Create a blog (can be on CMS WordPress), and fill it with useful content. These are informational articles containing words like BEST, vs., Review, Alternative, Approved, Under. Content is also used for internal re-linking pages on the site, and transferring weight to priority keywords.

Rules for internal pages:

  • Identical design and structure
  • Own content (can use a content template)
  • Own optimization (template optimization can be applied)

With the implementation of the deployed structure there is an opportunity to promote Multilanding for a wider list of requests and reach the top of the issuance of search engine Google.

Landing pages are effective tools for advertising. With proper optimization, you can also get targeted queries from search engines, which is a nice bonus =).

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